Founding Members Math

As of yesterday we kicked off a membership campaign to grow our membership to 250 before opening day next year. We're up to 150 members since we incorporated on November 1, 2013 and if you're a math whiz then you already know that means we have averaged about 7.5 members per month. Before I get into how you sign up half a member (it's difficult) let me do more math wizardry and point out that, if we're going to open our doors on June 1st of next year, we need to average 9 members per month to meet our Founding Members goal of 250. That means we need to communicate to 20% more people the importance and value of becoming an owner of Yellow City Co-op Brewpub. Wow, more math.

If you've been considering becoming a member then now is a good time, because we're going to have a pretty cool gift for each of our #YCCB250. That's right, besides the benefits of membership - like merchandise discounts, involvement in the co-op and planned patronage dividends - each of our founding members will receive a one-of-a-kind gift as our way of saying thanks for believing in us. Or better yet, thanks for believing in you because when you become a member you are officially an owner of Amarillo's only cooperative restaurant and brewery.

If you need more information please visit our website. You can also sign up there. Or feel free to email us anytime at We love emails. Oh, I was going to tell you how you sign up half a person. Well first you have to cut them in half...wait. Never mind. We just did it through the magic of math.