The Ends and The Means

You have probably heard the phrase "The ends justify the means."  While this is usually a sinister phrase when its uttered, in the case of Yellow City Co-op it's meant as a compliment.  That's because when we talk about "Ends" we're talking specifically about our policies as an organization, those tenets of our company that are central to how we operate.

This term "Ends" comes from Dr. John Carver's Policy Governance system.  This governance model that Dr. Carver created is one of, if not the only, systematic policy governance models that you can find.  This is important to Yellow City Co-op because we want our board policies to be wholistic.  As we are developing our policies we want to know that the ends do in fact justify the means, and that the means are the right ones to get us to the ends we want.

So what are Ends?  Simply put, they are the what the owners of the Co-op want the Co-op to do.  They take the vision of the Co-op and make measureable and acheivable goals out of it.  But these are not fleeting goals; they are permanent, the things we hope the Co-op will always be aiming for.  Over the next several posts we'll be looking at our individual Ends and discussing how we came to believe they are important and what they mean in terms of how the Co-op is run.  We'll try to keep it quick and entertaining.  Ocassionally we might throw in a picture of beer

Or a puppy

To keep you reading.  And if you want to be a part of determining the future of the Co-op, think about becoming an owner.  You can find details on the Membership page.