2015 Board Election

It's that time again - election time. No we're not talking about today's election (although you should get out and vote!), but rather we're talking about electing three new directors for the Yellow City Co-op board of directors.

If you are a member owner of Yellow City Co-op then it is your right and privilege to elect your representatives on the co-op board. Directors who are elected this year will serve a three-year term and will be integral to the effort to open the restaurant and brewery next year. We have had several applicants, including two sitting board members, and will soon post their responses to several key questions from our application. Be on the lookout for that post.

The election period will open on November 15th and close on December 14th. Those of us who currently serve on the board of directors hope that you will take advantage of this key means of being involved in your co-op and make an effort to cast an informed and considerate vote. We're deciding the future of our co-op together and making the beauty of democratic ownership a real-life working thing.

Details about 2015 board elections:

What: Election of three open seats on the co-op board

When: Voting is open Nov. 15 - Dec. 14

Where: Via online ballot, to be emailed to members

Who: Members of YCCB (must purchase your membership by 11/14)

Why: Because this is a democracy!