Our Beer Philosophy

Did you know that five out of our nine directors are also home brewers?  Did you know that collectively these five brewers have over 40 years of brewing experience?  While this is a boon for the Co-op and for the brewpub, it also presents the question: what is our beer philosophy?  I think we can sum up the collective philosophy of our brewers in three words: craft, quality, diversity.

First of all we brew beer, and we want to open a brewpub, because we value the craft involved in small batch brewing.  In case you didn't know there is gigantic opportunity for variety when it comes to making beer.  This is not evident if you visit the Big Beer cooler at the grocery store.  If it weren't for the fact that craft beer has grown so significantly and begun to fill the shelves, you might assume there are only two styles of beer: regular and light American pilsners.  But there is significant room for craftsmanship in the brewing process, and we brew our own beer because we value the craft itself as well as the fantastically fresh final product - local beer.

The second foundational part of our philosophy is quality.  An excellent brewer with great equipment and high quality ingredients can still make bad beer, and if you don't make great beer then what's the point?  We value quality, ensure it with rigorous processes, and know how to identify shortcomings in our finished beers.  We hate bad beer; we don't even like beer that's "okay."  What we love is great beer, and that's what we strive to make and will endeavor to serve to our customers.

The last part of our philosophy is diversity.  Diversity in ingredients, in styles brewed, in hops selected, in serving methods.  Diversifying what we make and what we offer will give our customers more to learn about the wonderful world of beer, and will keep us all wanting more great beer of all styles.  While we know that not everyone likes all styles of beer, we also know that you won't know what you like (or don't like) until you've tried it.  We enjoy the diversity that the art of brewing offers the brewer just as much as we love the diverse beers themselves.  Brewing is fun, beer is even better.  We brewers don't say that lightly!

All in all the people of Amarillo can expect well crafted, high quality beer of all varieties from Yellow City Co-op Brewpub once our doors open.  Until then we will be serving handcrafted beer at our monthly beer socials.  Get on our email list through our website if you'd like to stay informed of when they occur.