Who We Are

We are not a club.  We are not a casual collection of beer brewers, or even just of beer lovers.  We are not exclusive.  We are not a clique.  We are a business in Amarillo, working just as hard as any small business does toward the goal of opening our doors.  But we are different because we are the owners.  All of us.  And you - you can be an owner, too.  Because Yellow City Co-op Brewpub is a community owned enterprise.  We are the consumers, we are the owners, we are the members, and we want to open a fantastic pub in Amarillo - that's it.  That's the point.  And we think you want a fantastic pub, too.  You're tired of the limited options you have.  You've been to other cities and experienced great local craft beer.  You've seen people shoulder to shoulder at the bar, enjoying handcrafted beers, plates of from-scratch pub fare, and seen the smiles on their faces as they just plain enjoy life, and you've wondered, "Why not in Amarillo?"  We've wondered that too, and that's why we're members, that's why we're owners.  We are the next big thing in Amarillo.  We are Amarillo's public house.