Our New Directors for 2015

The results are in from our Co-op election to fill four seats on the board of directions, and here are our new directors:

John Golden, Matt Morgan, Jason Salter, Todd Wetsel

While we're excited to have our available seats filled for next year, we're also very excited that we had 52% participation!  We would rather have 100%, but having more than half of our member-owners vote for their board leadership is a testament to the value and benefit of the Co-op model, and a good selling point for membership.  These four gents were elected democratically by the owners of Yellow City Co-op, and will help the remaining five directors work to make Amarillo's first consumer owned restaurant and brewery a reality.  This really is a community-centered, grassroots effort and we hope more local food and beer lovers will get involved and make the dream of local beer a reality.