We're pretty excited because we are about to open the voting period for our first election of directors since our incorporation as a Co-op last November.  This year there are four seats open - three of them are 3-year terms and one is a 2-year.  With 91 members as of today, a full 9 member board will represent 10% of the membership.  Even though that's a good ratio, we hope to grow our membership numbers a lot over the next year, and getting this accomplished will be a principal task of the Board in 2015.

If you are a current fully invested Member-Owner (i.e. fully paid) you can contact us by email for an application packet.  We're taking applications until October 24th.  If you're not a Member-Owner but you like the sound of a community owned restaurant and brewery and would like to be involved in making it a reality, sign up today, pay your membership equity of $170 and ask for an application.  All who become Members by the 24th and submit their applications by the end of that day are eligible.

Looking forward to Big Things in the next year!