Our Mission

Every business or oganization should have a mission, if not a mission statement, but a mission statement is better because you can email it and print it out on a business card.  Or blog about it.

Yellow City Co-op Brewpub has a mission statement and we're going to deconstruct it so that you get where we're coming from, as the kids say.

"Our mission is to encourage collaboration, promote craft culture, and foster community as Amarillo's public house."

So starting from the top...

Encourage Collaboration: We want to be a catalyst for collaboration in our community, not only across businesses (think coffee porter brewed with locally roasted coffee beans; sausage made with pork from a local farm; fun events cross promoted with another restaurant and so on), but among people.  We will collaborate with homebrewers to create one-of-a-kind beers a few times a year.  We'll collaborate with other local breweries to make intriguing seasonal offerings.  And we'll collaborate with you the citizens of Amarillo by allowing each and every one of you to become an owner.

Promote Craft Culture: Focusing on handcrafted beer and food, but expanded to include other forms of craftsmanship, we want to be a part of promoting all things made well.  From the interior finishes in our brewpub to the slick art and graphics on our promotional documents, we want talented people to make excellent things, and we ourselves want to make great beer and food both because it's a no-brainer and because this will promote the importance of craftsmanship.

Foster Community: This idea is tied directly to the last statement, "as Amarillo's public house."  The word "pub" comes from this older term and notion of the public house, which is how folks in the UK before the 20th century referred to the local pub.  Our mission is to become the center of activity for the people of Amarillo, and to be the most reliably fantastic source of great beer and food you can find.  We want each and every one of you to become a regular, and when you come in we want you to strike up a conversation with your neighbor.  In this way we hope to foster a sense of community across the bar and across town.  In addition, we will get involved with local charitable and nonprofit and cooperative groups to promote community involvement and better the city.  A rising tide lifts all ships as they say, and we want to be tide-raisers!

If you find any or all of these points important, than get on board and support what we're doing here at Yellow City.  There's something in it for you all along the way as a member-owner.