A New Year for Amarillo

Get Ready Amarillo!

Get Ready Amarillo!

Well it's here - January 1, 2014.  And frankly we on the Yellow City Co-op Brewpub board are glad that 2014 is here because this is a big year for us.  This is the year that we're going to put all of our efforts as a board into bringing Yellow City to life in Amarillo.  This is the year that we're going to try to convince every single craft beer lover, foodie, artsy-fartsy culture junkie, hipster, dreamer, community activist type and all around cool individual in Amarillo (and beyond) to become a part of the Co-op, to shell out a measly $150 for a stake in what promises to be the most damnably unique business enterprise to serve fantastic beer and food in this part of the country.  This is an exciting year and we've got the adjectives to make it even better than it would have been.  Some examples:

Incredible, superb, dazzling, fabulous, enormous, unique, striking, shocking, delicious

Do we have your attention?  If you live in Amarillo and you love local business and you wish someone would sweep in and open an awesome pub and improve your quality of life, then you have no excuse for not becoming a member.  Become a member today fool!  We need as many as we can get before 2015 sneaks in if we're going to be serving you beer in 18 months!

Get ready 2014, here we come.  And we're bringing an army of craft beer lovers with us.