Yellow City Co-op Brewpub is a cooperatively owned, member-managed business in Amarillo, TX.  The purpose of the Co-op is to open and operate a brewery and restaurant in Amarillo, and more generally to promote a new kind of business model.  The members of the Co-op are the owners.  They are the directors of the board who manage the Co-op affairs, they are the patrons and they are the investors.  They are the ones who vote for what the Co-op should be, and they make up the lifeblood of the business model of cooperative ownership.  Our member owners will be the ones who help take the concept of Yellow City Co-op and make it a real life brewpub.

Membership is the lifeblood of the Co-op, and our members will contribute a significant portion of our startup capital.  Once you're a member you begin to have a voice in how the Co-op takes shape.  Members can bring items before the membership for a vote through referendum; run for open seats on the Board of Directors; help select what beers the Co-op will brew and serve; and generally provide input at a lot of points along the way.  We need our members as surely as any business needs an owner.  It's just that, in our case we have lots (and lots) of owners!

Membership is simple: a one-time $150 capital investment (plus a $20 nonrefundable processing fee) makes you an owner. The benefits of membership extend beyond the important rights of involvement, however, and will eventually include member only happy hours, member specials and events, and member-first beers and merchandise.  Plus once the co-op reaches a level of profitability, members will receive patronage dividends - cash back for spending your money at the brewpub!  That my friends is what’s called a win-win situation!

Membership Card


  • Ownership in Amarillo's first cooperatively owned brewpub
  • Voting rights in the Co-op - vote for directors for the board, beers for the taps, etc.
  • Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Member-only benefits: pint nights, member-first swag and beer, member-only events, etc.
  • Patronage dividend once the brewpub is profitable

Want to become a  member and take part in making Yellow City Co-op Brewpub a reality? Become a member owner today. 
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