First, a little history...

Yellow City Co-op Brewpub (the Co-op) was born out of a serendipitous meeting between two Amarillo home-brewers, acquaintances through Amarillo's local home-brewing club, the High Plains Drafters. The team quickly discovered they shared a passion for local and community-focused projects.  The notion of a co-op brewpub - whatever that was - was tossed out after this initial meeting, and a little bit of research revealed a fantastic model for the idea in Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery in Austin, TX.  

They hosted the first Yellow City Co-op Beer Social (although they Co-op was not then named) in July of the same year.  Around 17 people showed up to hear about the idea and share some home-brewed beers, and of those seven requested to get involved, and a Steering Committee was formed.  Over the next four months, this committee set to work drafting bylaws and a certificate of formation, planning more Beer Socials to spread the word, and working to hone the idea into some specific goals.  On November 1st Yellow City Co-op Brewpub was incorporated as a cooperative association in the state of Texas.  Within 30 days the Steering Committee became a Board of Directors, and by December the Co-op was taking on members.  As of the middle of 2016 there are 260+ members of Yellow City Co-op and interest is growing daily.

The idea behind Yellow City is that a community can create something great if it works together toward an ultimate common goal.  While any one of the members in the Co-op could open a brewpub on his or her own, the goal is instead to work together to open something that is bigger than any one person, informed by more than one opinion, designed to respond to the specific wants and needs of the people of Amarillo.  In the end the satisfaction of opening the brewpub will belong to a host of interested people - beer lovers and foodies, local activists and business owners, rich and poor, educated or not.  The vision is to open a brewpub that truly belongs to the community, both in the sense of its intense local presence and in the fact that it actually belongs to the membership.  In this way we hope that Yellow City Co-op will become a local institution, rooted as much in the culture of the people who eat and drink there as it is rooted in the actual physical space of Amarillo.

Ultimately we want to live up to our mission statement in all that we do: promote craftsmanship, foster community and encourage cooperation.